Praying for: Ingessana, Gaam of Sudan Topic: 1 of 3

Wisdom: In Ministry Affairs

There is a deception that clouds the minds of men, so that they cannot see or accept the truth of God.

It takes divine wisdom to cut through this deception. Ask God to provide the wisdom that comes down from above.

Job 12:13 To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.

Thank You, God that there is no mystery hidden from You. You see all and know all, Lord. Hallelujah. Your word says that wisdom and power, counsel and understanding belong to You.

I pray over Ingessana, Gaam of Sudan today that You would guard them from making decisions by their own understanding, but that in all their ways they would acknowledge You. Provide Your wisdom and Your counsel for the decisions they face in their ministry. Walk with them and bless Ingessana, Gaam of Sudan with Your fellowship and wisdom. Give them a keen sense of Your guidance, Lord and encourage their hearts today as they listen to You.

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