Praying for: Jamaicans of Colombia Topic: 1 of 3

Development Notes

Prayerguard To-Do

New issues:
-Add the scripture and intro fields to templates for individual posts (view mode from the "manage posts" page)
-Screening for vulgar language inserted in prayers. This must be at the point of display, to intercept false personalized links.

Questions & Issues to Consider:
-Require users to register to access author blogs? -(yes)
-What about users that want to pray for more than one author? -(deal with that later)
Do we need a "who to pray for page" that comes up after they signin? (later)
Should the reminder email contain links to more than one author or should the emails be separate? (later)
Can registered users see listing of authors and choose 1 for prayer? (later)
Could authors choose to make their profiles public (to registered users)? (probably)
-Allow unregistered users to access manual prayer choices? (yes)

Phase I ----(ALL DONE)----
-Put the Target name at the top of the prayer pages (in the template)
Praying for: Jamaicans of Colombia
-Put "Topic: 1 of 3; 2 of 3; 3 of 3" at the top of each prayer page
-Set up home page as default home

Phase II
-Set up Authors as separate blogs
-Restrict prayer categories from author blogs

Phase III
-Fix conflict between email confirmation link when subscribing and other pages -confirmation page is combining with home, learn-more, & contact-us pages
-Get the email weekly prayer reminder function working
Maybe use Subscribe2 with some modifications
Set up cron job to trigger mailings

Phase IV
-Set up extended profile data storage and retrieval
-Set up photo routine for authors
Upload image routine
Display photo on author blog pages and prayer pages
-Simplify dashboard for authors
promote the use of bookmarklets

Joshua Project Links
-add code for displaying photos from the Joshua project links on the prayer pages.
-add link on the closing page using the first letter of the people group in the link i.e. for Banjaras. This link only shows for upg prayers

Future Additions
-Add icons for prayer topics -WD
-Add "All Done" link to 3rd prayer page
-Add "All Done" page to finish up the prayer session. -WD

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