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Wisdom: In Counseling

The wisdom of this world is a deception that clouds the minds of men. It hinders us from seeing or accepting the truth of God.

It takes divine wisdom to cut through this deception. Ask God to provide the wisdom that comes down from above.

Ps 49:3 My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.

Lord, You are the true and living God, You rule over all things visible and invisible. There is nothing that catches You by surprise, and there is nothing beyond your reach. You know our rising up and our sitting down. You know when we go out and when we come in.

Lord, as Sunri (Hindu traditions) of Bangladesh reaches out to others, anoint her with Your wisdom to reach deep into the heart and minister to others where they need it most. Help her to side step petty excuses and get right to the meat of the matter. Give her words of knowledge that cut right to the heart and give the understanding needed to bring others intoYour freedom. Break down every form of deception, and establishYour truth that sets people free.

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